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A Partnership Made in Mobile Heaven

Gomo learning


Global online learning marketplace Jam Pan has announced a partnership with award-winning content authoring tool gomo learning.

The partnership provides freelance e-learning developers signed up to Jam Pan free extended access to the gomo learning content authoring tool. The aim is to enable freelancers to develop their gomo skills so that they can then pitch for the growing amount of gomo client work that is appearing on the Jam Pan platform.

Jam Pan founder David Wood comments: “The best way to support growing demand in newer technologies like gomo learning is to help our freelancers develop skills in those technologies. This is the aim our partnership with gomo.”

Wood says that these partnerships help the market in two ways: they help freelance e-learning developers to stay up to date with new skills and they help support the growth of newer content authoring technologies.

Once a freelancer has developed a new skill they can add it to the their profile. Jam Pan’s skills matching feature ensures freelancers are notified as soon as there is a client job requiring those skills.

Wood adds: “We want our large pool of talented freelancers to be in a position to pitch for work requiring new skills which is why we want to build these partnerships. We also want to support new learning technologies and continue to provide the widest range of technology skills and solutions for our clients. Putting the skills development of our freelancers at the heart of what we do is good news for our freelancers, technology companies and clients.”

Mike Alcock, Managing Director of gomo adds: “we’re winning lots of huge new contracts and the demand for gomo skills is increasing every week. This initiative with Jam Pan allows even more freelancers to get up to speed with gomo and make themselves available to meet the rising demand in the marketplace”.

Gomo is one of the world’s leading responsive HTML5 authoring tools and uniquely offers integrated hosting and analytics. gomo has been honoured with a Brandon Hall Gold award and is rated #1 in the world by industry guru Craig Weiss. gomo has been chosen by global organisations including the BBC, PWC, Nike, Volvo, KPMG, British Airways and many more.

Freelancers keen to get access to gomo learning should contact Jam Pan at:

Reference Link:


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