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Setting Your eLearning Day and Budget Rates


Jam Pan attracts a wide variety of freelancers and agencies looking for opportunties. Clients post opportunities, these can range from £100 to $100,000 plus.  Agencies and Freelancers will know what kind of budget ranges they are looking to work on that works for them.  Set those ranges in Jam Pan to receive only the opportunities your interested in.

Add a Service

Within the Services section of the Jam Pan platform you can set these budget ranges of opportunities you are interesting in receiving notifications. This can be set on a project or by day rates.

eLearning Freelancers

Over the last twelve months we have had numerous conversations with freelancer’s about freelancing in general.  One of the stand out issues raised is discussing rates and general financials with clients.  We feel by introducing this feature within the new platform it will support all parties.

eLearning Agencies

Often an eLearning agencies have no interest in projects if they are not over the 10k mark as it just isn’t worth them undertaking the work.  This often come down to the numbers of staff they apply to every project/process.  Agencies can set limits that they are only interested in budget from 10k and upwards.

How it works

  • Step 1 – Login/Register
  • Step 2 – Go to My Profile
  • Step 2 – My Services
  • Step 3 – Add New
  • Step 4 – You will see the option to set the Minimum day rate or Minimum Budgets

Why is it Important!

When clients are posting opportunities they will list budgets or budget ranges they are looking to work within. If you have these ranges listed within your services, you will be notified the second the opportunity is made live.

The new platform works on skills and budget matching, if you don’t list the these within the ‘My Services’ section you won’t be notified.  This doesn’t mean you can’t apply, you will though need to keep visiting the site to see new opportunities.

Upon posting all opportunities go on the site for 30 days.  This doesn’t mean they will be available for 30 days.  A client can award a job on day 1 if they wish, once awarded the opportunity will close and you will be unable to apply.


About Jam Pan

Jam Pan is a global On-Demand eLearning Services Platform founded by David Wood in 2014. Jam Pan connects expert freelancers and agencies from around the world with businesses that need them.

Platforms like Jam Pan are transforming how business services are purchased. In finance, marketing, technology, HR and right across business, marketplaces offer customers greater choice, ease of buying, lower prices, faster delivery, more customer-focused terms and greater purchase security.

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