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We’ve enhanced our freelancer onboarding and profiles

Jam Pan, the global online learning marketplace announces platform updates to improve freelancer onboarding and to help freelancers and agencies quickly and easily update their profiles.


The platform, which connects expert freelancers and agencies with businesses looking for creative learning solutions, has responded to user feedback to make the sign-up process quicker and easier for freelancers.

At the heart of the update is an improved user experience which simplifies sign-up to the platform. To start pitching for work freelancers need to provide a range of information — from contact details to skills. Without this information they cannot start bidding for work. The new sign-up process enables freelancers to quickly input all the required information and start bidding on work within a matter of minutes.


Freelancer profiles have also been enhanced. Skills now automatically populate against the types of services freelancers select. They can then manually add further skills or delete ones that are not relevant. Jam Pan is built on the concept of skills matching. When a new opportunity is posted on the site, all registered freelancers with skills matching those in the job post are automatically notified. This means clients can be sure they are reaching the widest possible pool of talent for their job post. The simplified profile building process ensures freelancers feature the right skills.

Freelancers are now asked for their level of expertise — expert, intermediate or entry level — and for an hourly and daily rate. The aim of this development is to ensure consistency over rates in the bidding process.

Jam Pan founder David Wood comments, “Jam Pan prides itself on delivering the highest quality user experience for freelancers and clients. These updates represent the small enhancements our users have asked for in order to make the platform easier to use. These incremental changes will make a real difference as the volume of freelancers and live jobs increases.

The updates to the platform are the latest in a series of ongoing enhancements which include fee-based targeting of freelancers and agencies and skill testing. Jam Pan has also announced partnerships with Elucidat and gomo learning to provide freelancers with the opportunity to develop new skills.

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