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Top tips for winning work on Jam Pan

Jam Pan enables freelancers to find work by matching their skills and experience with the jobs posted on the platform. But winning jobs is not a given. In order to stand the best chance of winning jobs there are a number of steps freelancers can take. Here we share tips on how to get the best out of the platform as a freelancer.

Create a winning profile

1 Make sure your profile is complete

There are a number of ways to create a stand-out profile. The first thing is to make sure you have completed every element of the profile and that includes adding a good picture of yourself. People like doing business with people, so avoid using your logo.

2 List skills in the way that gives you the greatest chance of getting work

Jam Pan enables you to dig down into skills and your levels of expertise for those skills. So, add as many skills as you have because the broader your skill set, the more likely you are to get work.

And specify your level of expertise and hourly rate because these might differ for each skill based on your expertise. And be honest – companies do not always look for experts. With this information, companies get a much better view of what you have to offer and how much you charge. In effect, you are helping them make better decisions.

Create a stand-out portfolio

Would you buy services from someone without seeing examples of their work? Probably not, which is why Jam Pan provides you with a portfolio so you can upload examples of your work.

3 Show examples of your work to raise your profile and to get work

It is critically important to show examples of your work. Why? First because it helps improve your visibility on the platform and second it will help you win work.

If your work is branded with a client’s branding then ask if you can use it as it is or edit it so that you can use it in your portfolio. If an organisation has to wait to be emailed examples of your work versus seeing examples of your work in your portfolio then those with an up to date portfolio are likely to win out.

4 Use your portfolio to show your point of view

It is easy to say you are innovative, but how do you show that to potential clients? You can do this with your portfolio. If you have innovative approaches to work or believe in a particular process, then share it.

Create a winning bid

The bidding process enables you to show why you are the best freelancer for the job. Here’s how to create a great bid.

5 Treat your bid like a pitch

Each piece of work shared on Jam Pan is unique which means you need to tailor each bid specifically for the job and show examples as evidence. The more work you put in tailoring your bid to the job, the more likely you are to win the job.

A big no-no is to include the line: ‘Please contact me for more information.’ Everything an organisation needs to shortlist you should be in your bid.

6 Make sure your bid is 100% complete

Companies offering work need to see examples of your work, why you are the best person for the job, the skills and experience you have and your day and hourly rate.

Also add in your terms of work to show how you are able to work on the job you are bidding on.

And finally, at the end of the bidding process you are able to add further information or ask questions on the bid. This is where you can add information that is specific to the bid, share links to other relevant work and ask any questions that you feel need clarifying.

Here at Jam Pan we analyse who is winning bids and why and are happy to share these insights with our freelancers. If you have any questions on how to improve your bids then feel free to drop us a line at

Finally, here are some dos and don’ts for winning bids.

Do . . .

  • Complete your profile
  • Include a headshot
  • Tailor your portfolio for particular bids
  • Include all your skills in your profile
  • Keep your portfolio up to date

Don’t . . .

  • Expect work to come to you automatically
  • Keep an empty portfolio
  • Expect organisations to chase you
  • Focus on one or two skills, the more the better
  • Worry if bids fail, you can’t win them all

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