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Jam Pan Freelancers Give Thumbs Up To gomo Training

Jam Pan’s first gomo learning training session for freelancers has ‘opened doors and opportunities and made it easier to engage with vendors’,Gomo learning according to one attendee.

As a part of the platform’s partnership with the award-winning content authoring tool gomo learning, freelancers on the Jam Pan platform were invited to attend a training webinar on how to use it.

The webinar, run by Mike Alcock, managing director at gomo learning, introduced the tool and how the learning suite works. Freelancers were shown how the cloud-based authoring tool can be used to create responsive courses and resources. Alcock also showed the hosting and analytics capabilities of the tool.

Mike Alcock comments, “”The demand for gomo skills is growing all the time as we win new customers around the world. This partnership is a great way for freelancers to get up to speed with gomo and be well positioned to pitch for contracts and gomo related project work. We’re delighted to partner with Jam Pan to offer extended access to gomo.”

Feedback from attendees has been very positive. They like the fact gomo is user friendly and customisable.  Others enjoyed the opportunity to develop new skills and try out new technology. Jam Pan’s partnership with gomo learning provides freelancers with a free 90-day trial of the product.

Jam Pan freelancers said the training and access to the technology has been a real help.

Kath Jackson-Jones comments, “Thanks for the extended trial! Access to gomo before working on a commercial project was really useful”.

Lee Webber added that Jam Pan has helped him develop his skills, ‘It has helped me get up to speed with both gomo and Elucidat thanks to your partnerships and the 90 day trials.’

Jam Pan founder David Wood, adds, “When we started Jam Pan our aim was to help
freelancers develop their skills in the latest technologies. We are delighted that our partnership with gomo learning has made this happen. The feedback says it all – our freelancers really value opportunities to develop their skills.”

Jam Pan will be running regular gomo learning training webinars. If you’re interested in attending a future session,  please email hello@jam-pan.com.


Written by Martin Couzins

Ref link: http://jam-pan.com/blog/jam-pan-freelancers-give-thumbs-up-to-gomo-training/


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