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6 Questions and Answers from Learning Technologies 2017

Earlier this month, Jam Pan was at the Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Olympia, London. As well as taking a look at the technologies on show and hearing about organisations’ learning and performance challenges, we had lots of interesting discussions with organisations and freelancers about how Jam Pan works.

We were asked many different types of questions so we thought it would be useful to share some of the recurring ones. And if you have any further questions then feel free to drop us a line at hello@jam-pan.com.

We really enjoyed our time at Learning Technologies and especially all the conversations and new connections we made. Thanks to all those people who inspired this article!

Here are answers to the six most common questions we were asked.

1. What is your business model?

Jam Pan’s business model is similar to that of other marketplaces such as Airbnb. It is based on the platform being an introduction service.

  • There’s no sign up fees whether you’re an organisation or freelancer
  • It’s free to post a job and bid on jobs
  • The platform introduces the right person and skills with the right job
  • Client awards a supplier and the job commences
  • Jam Pan then comes an impartial party to support
  • We deduct 10% from every transaction — often referred to as the Jam Pan fee
  • For example, if the day rate of £250 is paid to Jam Pan, we collect £25 and the rest is paid to the freelancer

We also manage tenders for organisations and this works in a similar way. We take a commission on the value of the job from the winning supplier.

This approaches means the platform is free to use to post a job or project and find a shortlist of suitable freelancers or agencies.

2. So, you’re a recruitment company?

Our business model is fundamentally different to that of a recruiter or recruitment agency. Recruiters charge an additional cost for finding a person with the right skills.

Jam Pan’s business model is simple. We only deduct our commission from the value of work at invoicing stage. By eliminating additional costs and expensive ongoing costs, we attract a far larger pool of talented freelancers and agencies and are a more cost-effective option for organisations.

Freelancers set their own rates and organisations set the budgets for the work they post on the platform. We do not dictate what the rate should be.

By being free to use, Jam Pan attracts a more diverse set of people and skills.

3. Are you an elearning company?

Yes and no. In the sense that we provide expert elearning freelancers and digital agencies then yes we are. Our suppliers work on a wide range of elearning projects. In the way we operate as a business, we are not an elearning company. We only take our commission once when the job is invoiced. And we are not an elearning company because our community on Jam Pan offer a much broader range of digital skills — from app building to animation and videography.

4. Do you have to pay to post a job on Jam Pan?

There are many freelance and skills marketplaces that require freelancers to pay to register or subscribe in order to access work opportunities. Jam Pan is not one of them. It is free for freelancers to set up a profile and create a portfolio of their work. It is free for organisations to register on the platform, post their job and vet suppliers to make sure they are right for the job.

Our aim is to make it as easy, quick and accessible as possible to post a job and to pitch for work. That’s why it is free to use.

5.How does job matching work?

What freelancer or agency wants to trawl through hundreds of jobs to find ones worth pitching for? By asking our freelancers and agencies to add their skills to their profile pages and organisations that post jobs to select the skills they require, Jam Pan is able to automatically match the job to the freelancer or agency based on the skills required for that job.

We also ask freelancers to post their location, day rates and how they prefer to work — online, face to face etc. This helps speed up the matching process.

Freelancers and agencies are then automatically alerted by email once a job is posted on the platform that matches their skills. Organisations posting jobs then receive notifications from the freelancers and agencies interested in the work.

We aim to make finding work and finding freelancers or agencies as quick and easy as possible.

6. Why are you developing your freelancers and agencies?

Our sector — learning and performance — is fast changing which means organisations are looking for freelancers and agencies with up-to-date skills. We want our freelancers to have those new skills which is why we have partnered with technology companies such as Elucidat and gomo learning to provide training in their software.

We see this as a fundamental part of our service. Helping freelancers and agencies develop their skills so that organisations have the broadest possible talent pool to tap into.

We hope these question and answers have been useful in understanding how Jam Pan works. Please let us know if you have any further questions as we’d be happy to answer them. Alternatively, find out more about Jam Pan here.

Original Post: http://jam-pan.com/blog/6-questions-and-answers-from-learning-technologies-2017/


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