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Gig economy round-up: Defining gig economy jobs and how to win work

Welcome to our first in a regular series of gig economy round-ups. Every other week we will share our favourite links related to freelance work and the gig economy.

We hope you find this selection useful. Let us know if there are others you’d like us to share.

Employment Status

Acas, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, has issued new guidance for employers and workers on gig economy working and the various types of ways in which people can work. Want to know the difference between piece work, agency work and self-employment? This article has the answers.

10 Important TED Talks That Every Freelancer Must Watch

This is a really great selection of TED talks which will resonate for freelance workers or anyone thinking about going freelance. Topics range from finding work you love to why great work happens outside of the office environment.

Executive Q&A: An Interview With Brent Warrington, CEO Of Hyperwallet

Data from the PYMNTS.com Gig Economy Index™ shows that eight out 10 gig workers would spend more time working in the gig economy if they were paid faster. This interview reveals the popularity of gig working amongst millennials and how online marketplaces need to adapt to provide the support their users need.

How To Land Your First Job On Upwork: Top Tips From A Seasoned Freelancer

One of the top freelancers on Upwork has shared his tips on getting your first freelance gig. There are some great tips here for new freelancers and those who feel they need to improve their pitch.

Gig Economy Platforms Are Creating A New Class of Entrepreneurs

What’s driving the growth of gig economy platforms? Workers, especially millennials, are looking for more flexibility and a better quality of life, according to research shared in this article. Note that the traditional idea of a job is changing and changing fast.

Reference Link: http://jam-pan.com/blog/gig-economy-round-up-defining-gig-economy-jobs-and-how-to-win-work/


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