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Gig economy round-up: find your niche and get paid more

This week our links cover a range of different gig economy angles. In the UK, a soon to be published report will set out recommendations on employment rights for freelance workers.

We also feature a boss of a creative agency who reminds us that some industry sectors are heavily reliant on freelance skills.

PM Backs Plans To Overhaul Workers’ Rights To Reflect Gig Economy

The UK government has asked Matthew Taylor, a former adviser to Tony Blair, to produce a report on the gig economy and workers’ employment rights. This article gives a flavour of what we might expect to see in the report, which will be published in June.

The Freelance Gig Economy Fuels Our Industry

In this short opinion piece, Fiona Scott, CEO of customer engagement agency PSONA, makes the point that freelance workers make up a large portion of the creative industries – and for good reason. The nature of projects requires agencies to bring in the best people on a per-project basis. That’s why freelancers are so important in this sector.

The 10 Best ‘Gig Economy’ Jobs

It’s interesting to see what types of freelance jobs are in demand and their expected rates of pay. As the list shows, the freelance economy really does extend into all sectors.

3 Strategies To Earn What You Deserve In The Gig Economy

Having seen a male freelancer colleague get paid 40% more than the fee she charged, Erica Kellerman investigated what she needed to do to ensure she earned what she deserved. Here are her three strategies.

How To Earn Your First $100,000 As A Freelancer, From Someone Who’s Done It

There’s some good advice here on defining your niche and understanding your value. It’s worth noting that Jam Pan helps freelancers do this through defining your key skills and day rate.

Referance Link: http://jam-pan.com/blog/gig-economy-round-up-find-your-niche-and-get-paid-more/


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