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Gig economy round-up: Don’t forget the ‘professional gig economy’

Do you think of professional services when you think of the gig economy? If you don’t then this set of links might help change your perception of the gig economy. It’s really important to remember that the gig economy affects all industries and all professions.

We hope you find this selection useful. Let us know if there are others you’d like us to share.

Don’t crush vital top-end ‘gig’ economy, recruiter warns Government:

This article makes some good points on the rise of what it calls the ‘professional gig economy’ in which professionals such as management consultants are increasingly serving organisations on a gig basis.

The Need For Speed: Paying Gig Economy Workers:

It’s interesting to see how the gig economy is disrupting traditional processes for freelancers. Technology enables immediate payment to freelancers but there are still many reasons why instant payment is not the reality for many.

Stop Looking for a Job (and Join the Gig Economy):

Some sound advice here on how HR professionals get the most out of the gig economy. This applies to all professionals looking to enter the gig economy.

Interview with The Gig Economy Author Diane Mulcahy

In this interview, Diane Mulcahy, author of The Gig Economy: The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off, and Financing the Life you Want, talks about the growth of the gig economy and the opportunities for workers.

Reference Link: http://jam-pan.com/blog/gig-economy-round-up-dont-forget-the-professional-gig-economy/


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