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Gig Economy Round-up: The Gig Economy Workforce Will Double In Four Years

It’s interesting to see the Confederation of British Industry urging policymakers to have a more constructive view on gig working. Rather than demonize it, the CBI says policymakers need to look at new, flexible and fair approaches to work. Judging by the growth of gig working, this is something economies all around the world will need to get to grips with.

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The gig economy workforce will double in four years

This data shows the scale and growth of gig working and the relative size of the gig working sector versus other areas of work. Put simply: this way of working is not a flash in the pan. Far from it, the gig economy is growing very rapidly.


Employers warned not to ignore the rise of ‘gig-economy’ & flexible working

Research shows that employers need to rethink their workforce planning strategies so that they are in a position to bring in specialist skills when required. Although the gig economy presents opportunities for employers to tap into on-demand skills, HR and talent processes have not yet adapted to enable this to happen.


Gig economy negativity based on ‘lazy’ and ‘outdated’ assumptions, CBI warns

The Confederation of British Industry has urged UK plc to embrace more flexible ways of working rather than reinforcing fixed ways of working. Gig working is rising in popularity in the UK and employers need to be open to the opportunities of accessing on-demand skills. The CBI says policymakers should ensure work is both flexible and fair.


What should business leaders change to thrive in the gig economy?

Are you taking a holistic approach to talent management in your organisation? This article urges business leaders to engage with all colleagues – and that means gig workers too.


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