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Three Routes in Which Gig Work Is Building Up

This week we share new research on independent work that demonstrates the three routes in which gig work is building up, a glance at what the gig economy is and what it implies and a novel case of a gig stage disturbing customary business.

We hope you find this selection useful. Let us know if there are others you’d like us to share.

Here are the Three Trends in Independent Work That Building up:

  • MBO Partners State of Independence in America 2017:

 This introduction to MBO’s latest research into the state of independent work draws out some useful trends in how the independent workforce is growing. In particular, the number of higher earning freelancers continues to grow as organizations look for in-demand skills.

  • What is the ‘gig’ economy?  

 Employment experts at the Financial Times provide an overview of the gig economy and explain the different sort of working arrangements that it encompasses.

  • Independent work: Choice, necessity, and the gig economy: 

Research by global consultancy McKinsey categorises gig workers in four ways: free agents, casual earners, reluctant and financially strapped. There are  big differences in work satisfaction across these different groups.


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